Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Nutricharge Man

1. What is Nutricharge Man tablet?

Nutricharge Man is a comprehensive daily nutritional supplement that provides 35 vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants to help meet the daily nutritional needs of men, to keep them fit and healthy through a balanced nutrition.

2. Can Nutricharge Man tablet be consumed by Vegetarians?

Yes, since it does not contain any ingredients of animal (non-vegetarian) source.

3. What are the benefits of having Nutricharge Man tablet daily?

With a modern lifestyle, fast food, imbalanced diet and poor absorption, it is difficult to get all micronutrients in required quantities. Deficiency of these micronutrients can lead to loss of energy and stamina, poor immunity, weak muscles, bones and teeth etc. Nutricharge Man provides most vital nutrients in required quantity to prevent nutritional deficiencies, help to maintain function and structure of various organ systems and may be beneficial for cardiovascular health and in diabetes.

4. Does Nutricharge Man tablet have any side effects?

Nutricharge Man is usually well tolerated when taken after a meal in recommended doses in most persons. Rarely it may cause nausea, vomiting and abdominal discomfort.

5. I am a diabetic, can I consume Nutricharge Man?

Yes, you can consume Nutricharge Man as it is not harmful for a person with diabetes. Minerals like chromium, vanadium and zinc may be helpful in diabetes. Green tea extract may help burn fats, while vitamin A and other antioxidants may increase immunity and check eye damage. However if you are already taking vitamins-mineral supplements, do consult your Doctor.

6. Who should use this product?

Nutricharge Man can be consumed by boys above 14 years of age and all adult men.

7. When can I consume Nutricharge Man and how many tablets in a day?

Take 1 tablet of Nutricharge everyday after breakfast or lunch with a glass full of water.

8. Do I need a Doctor’s prescription before taking Nutricharge?

Being a dietary supplement, Nutricharge Man can be taken on your own, however if you feel the need, you may consult your Doctor.

9. Will I gain or lose weight if continued for some time?

Nutricharge Man being a nutritional supplement that works specifically for correcting dietary deficiencies only and does not increase weight. Green tea extract may help burn fats.

10. Is Nutricharge Man a medicine?

Nutricharge Man tablet is not a medicine. It is a Daily Nutrition Supplement with B complex factors, other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

11. How long is it to be continued?

One tablet Nutricharge Man should be taken daily for a long period.

12. Will I be addicted if I continue taking Nutricharge Man for some time?

Nutricharge Man tablet is non habit forming and you can continue as per your choice but to derive maximum benefits it is advisable to take it for a long period.

13. Should I consult a doctor before taking Nutricharge Man?

As a daily health supplement Nutricharge Man tablet does not require a doctor’s prescription. Worldwide, health/ dietary supplements are sold without any prescription. People in India are also realizing the immense potential benefits of wellness products and Nutricharge Man is a high quality supplement.

14. Is any trial pack of Nutricharge Man available?

Nutricharge Man comes in a pack of 30 tablets for just Rs. 350/- and it lasts for one full month.

15. I am already on a specific diet plan. Can I still take Nutricharge?

Nutricharge Man may be beneficial if you are on a special diet or dieting as it provides valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids which you may not get from your strict diet.

Questions on Nutricharge Woman

1. What are the benefits of taking Nutricharge woman tablet?

Nutricharge Woman tablet provides 53 beneficial nutrients for women, including phytonutrients from extracts of 14 rare fruits that promote women’s health to help keep them youthful. It also gives 6 specialty nutrients that may alleviate womens’ specific health problems at various stages of their life. Moreover it may help fulfil their daily needs with 33 key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino-acids to keep them healthy.

2. Can Nutricharge woman tablet be taken by  vegetarians?

Yes, vegetarians can take it since Nutricharge Woman tablet does not contain any ingredients of animal (non-vegetarian) source.

3. Does Nutricharge woman have any side effects?

Nutricharge woman tablet is usually well tolerated when taken after meal in a daily dose of one tablet by most women. Rarely it may cause nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhoea or abdominal discomfort.

4. I am a diabetic. Can I consume Nutricharge woman tablet?

Nutricharge woman tablet is potentially beneficial for diabetics. Minerals like chromium and vanadium may improve sugar utilisation by body; Green tea extract may help burn fats, while vitamin A, Zinc and other antioxidant nutrients may increase immunity and check eye damage. You can also consult your doctor.

5. Who should use Nutricharge Woman tablet?

Nutricharge woman can be consumed daily by all girls and women above 14 years of age.

6. Do I need a doctor’s prescription for taking Nutricharge woman tablet ?

Being a health supplement Nutricharge woman tablet can be taken without a prescription, but if you feel the need, please consult your doctor.

7. Will I gain or lose weight if continue taking Nutricharge woman tablet for a long time?

As a health supplement, Nutricharge woman tablet may help correct dietary deficiencies to keep girls and women fit and may improve metabolism. It has no ingredient specifically to affect body weight. Green tea extract may help burn fats.

8. Is Nutricharge woman tablet a medicine?

Nutricharge woman tablet is not a medicine. It is a health supplement with potentially beneficial botanicals (phytonutrients), women friendly rare nutrients, minerals, amino acids, B-complex and other vitamins.

9. How long Nutricharge Woman tablet is it to be continued?

One tablet Nutricharge woman should be taken daily after breakfast or lunch with a glassful of water.

Questions on Nutricharge ProDiet

Q.1 – How long should one take Nutricharge Pro Diet ?

Both Adults and children need approx. 1g/kg of protein daily for growth, repair and maintenance of our body tissues. Nutricharge Prodiet being an excellent source of protein can be taken daily in recommended dose to help fill the gap in our protein nutrition. Even the U S Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) has confirmed that taking 25 grams of soya protein daily with a low fat diet protects against heart diseases.

Q.2 – If I take sufficient fruits, vegetables and cereals even then is it beneficial to take Nutricharge Pro Diet ?

Fruits, vegetables and cereals do provide us with some protein, but unless we eat a wide variety of pulses, nuts, cereals and dairy products in ample amounts daily, we may not get easily digestible complete protein with all essential amino acids in adequate quantities. Some of us also have trouble digesting vegetable proteins. Nutricharge Pro Diet provides high quality soya protein which is a source of easily digestible, heart friendly, complete protein and may be good for our overall health. We can get all the nine essential amino acids in balanced quantities from Nutricharge ProDiet.

Q.3 – I feel tired and exhausted quickly. Will Nutricharge Pro Diet help?

Protein deficiency weakens various organs, prevents tissue repair and maintenance and reduces immunity. Nutricharge Pro Diet provides hi-quality purified and processed soya protein which may help enhance physical strength and boost immunity. For getting all key minerals and vitamins adults should take one tablet of Nutricharge Man/ Woman also daily.

Q. 4 – Does Nutricharge Pro Diet have any side effect?

We should take protein in a balanced quantity only as a component of total nutrition. Nutricharge Pro Diet is well tolerated in recommended doses but taking excess amounts may cause flatulence (gas). Kidney patients should consult their doctor before taking Nutricharge Pro Diet. People suffering form Gout can not take Nutricharge Pro Diet.

Q. 5 – I am taking other medicines also, can I use Nutricharge Pro Diet with them?

Nutricharge Pro Diet being a health supplement can be taken even by people suffering from common diseases. However, Liver and kidney patients and other critical patients must consult their doctors.Gout patients can not take Nutricharge Pro Diet.

Q. 6 – I am a diabetic with heart problem, can I consume Nutricharge Pro Diet?

Nutricharge Pro Diet contains soya protein which may help in managing the blood sugar and also blood cholesterol. Moreover Nutricharge Pro Diet has no added sugar and fats. It also contains resistant maltodextrin (dietary fiber) which is beneficial in diabetics. However critical patients must take the advice of their doctor.

Q.7 – Can we give it to children and people of old age ?

Children and elderly can take Nutricharge Pro Diet. Growing children may get complete protein and all essential amino acids they need for their growth and physical development. Elderly can easily digest the complete protein from Nutricharge Pro Diet and may get healthier. Fiber in Nutricharge Pro Diet may also improve digestion.

Q.8 – What is the benefit in giving Nutricharge Pro Diet to pregnant women and lactating mothers?

Protein requirement of pregnant and lactating women is significantly raised. They can take Nutricharge Pro Diet only after consulting their doctor as it is an excellent supplement containing high quality protein besides iron, folic acid and calcium. Complete protein helps develop disease resistance in both mother and child and helps in proper growth of the baby.

Q.9 Can Nutricharge Pro Diet be taken by vegetarians?

Yes, vegetarians can take it since Nutricharge Pro Diet does not contain any ingredient of animal (non-vegetarian) source.

Q.10. How should i take Nutricharge Pro Diet and in what dose?

Adult men and women can take 2 measurefuls (20g each) of Nutricharge Prodiet, while children can take 1 measureful daily. Add Nutricharge Pro Diet powder to cold milk or water in a shaker or mixer. Also add sugar or sweetener to taste and shake. Then add adequate quantity of milk and water to drink the mixture.

Questions on Nutricharge S & F

Q.1 – How many months should we take S&F

One should take S&F at least for 3 months.

Q.2 – What should be the diet?

While taking Nutricharge S&F one should skip the dinner. The daily calorie consumption should not be more than 1500. Avoid eating high fat food.

Q.3 – Can I take Nutricharge Prodiet alongwith Nutricharge S&F?

You can take 1 scoop of Nutricharge Prodiet alongwith Nutricharge S&F in the morning. Nutricharge Prodiet can be helpful in weight management if takne along with Nutricharge S&F

Q. 4 – I am diabetic and obese. Can I take Nutricharge S&F?

Nutricharge S&F is usually safe. However, being a diabetic, please consult your doctor before taking Nutricharge S&F

Q. 5 – I have a gout problem, can I take Nutricharge S&F?

We generally do not recommend Nutricharge S&F for gout patients

Q. 6 – My daughter is 6 year old and overweight, can I give her Nutricharge S&F?

We do not recommend Nutricharge S&F below 18 years

Questions on Nutricharge BJ

Q.1 – Is it necessary to take both Nutricharge BJ tablet and powder?

Both Nutricharge BJ tablet and powder contain many different ingredients. Hence to improve your bone health and to get advantages of all the ingredients, it is necessary to take Nutricharge BJ tablet and sachet.

Q.2 – Can a gout patient take Nutricharge BJ?

Gout is a different disease. We do not recommend Nutricharge BJ for gout patient

Q.3 – I have Thyroid problem, can I take Nutricharge BJ?

We do not recommend Nutricharge BJ for Thyroid problem.

Questions on Nutricharge Kids

Q.1 – For what age group we can give Nutricharge Kids

Nutricharge Kids is for a age range of 2 to 12

Q.2 – What are the major benefits of Nutricharge Kids

Nutricharge Kids as the name suggests helps in overall and brain development, increases immunity and gives strength

Q.3 – Can we give Nutricharge Kids for a 16 year old kid?

Nutricharge Kids is designed for kids below age 14 hence it may be as helpful with a child aged 16 years

Q.4 – When shouldwe give Nutricharge Kids?

Nutricharge Kids should be given in the morning after breakfast