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We provide high quality health supplements with proven efficacy to improve everyone's health. For us, "your health" comes first which is aptly conveyed by our tagline “Sabse Pehle Sehat”.

Our range of supplements cater to life from the beginning of pregnancy. With our vegetarian DHA supplement, we ensure optimum brain organ development, development of the eyes and cognitive development of the baby in the foetus.

'Nutricharge' is synonymous with wellness and nutrition.

Our range of 100% vegetarian supplements cater to life from the first heart beat to every beat

Nutricharge helps in the preventive healthcare segment by offering an array of supplements that cater to the fundamental wellness of our body. Our protein, vitamins, minerals, fibre and omega 3 supplements have been specifically designed for men, women and children.

These supplements help us maintain our health by preventing illness. We are the first indigenous brand to give India a separate daily multi vitamin-mineral supplement for men and for women.

In addition to the preventive and fundamental wellness supplements, we also make special dietary supplements that help in enhancing immunity, losing excess fat, gaining fitness, getting rid of pain in knees and other joints, achieving better heart health, balancing blood sugar level, improving eye health, preventing and fighting viral infections.

We make special dietary supplements



India's Most Promising Brand 2013-2014 in the Healthcare category


The World's Greatest Brands 2015, Asia and GCC


Guinness World Record -
making largest volume (2500 litres) of Protein Shake


The Economic Times Award -
A Symbol of Excellence in Consumer Healthcare (2016)

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