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A ‘business’ can be termed rewarding only if it manages to bring about a difference in the society we live in.

Milind Sarwate

CEO, Nutricharge

Trophic Wellness Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of manufacturing and marketing of nutritional supplements, under the brand name of "Nutricharge", with a vision to offer comprehensive health solutions. We are committed to supplement a sustained long-term transformation in health, the foundation of which lies in maintaining a healthy muscle-fat ratio.

Holistic Wellness is a function of our daily food habit, exercise, sleep, emotional well-being and nutritional supplements. We do not stop at fulfilling our responsibility of providing effective and safe health supplements. Our propagation of holistic wellness through the four remaining aspects – daily food habit, exercise, sleep and emotional well-being aptly reflects our commitment towards our society. 

Our supplements are a result of continuous endeavour to bridge the existing nutritional gaps in our food. We source world class quality ingredients and manufacture our supplements in FSSAI approved plants. The fact that our supplements are 100% vegetarian makes it possible for everyone to consume with ease. We are a ‘Make in India’ brand with a special focus on making our supplements tasty to ensure continuous consumption. Some of our supplements are already clinically proven for efficacy and safety. It is our constant endeavour to anticipate the 'stay-healthy' needs of every individual. We continue to strategically launch supplements that cater to all age groups. We aspire to be a blessing that can be passed on from generation to generation.

The wellness wave that has swept the world has just begun in India. At Nutricharge, we are striving towards empowering Indians to take charge of their health. A healthy, immune India can only lay the right foundation for becoming a self-reliant nation. 

In concurrence with the mission of creating an Aatm-nirbhar Bharat, we are empowering people across the country at the grass root level, to start their own business. With no pre-requisites of any seed capital, we are relentlessly enabling and motivating people, who have lost their jobs during these troubled times, to take charge of their financial well-being by becoming entrepreneurs. We remain invested in training them regularly and facilitate them to attain financial independence. 

We welcome you to be a part of this journey of holistic wellness through Nutricharge, a wellness supplement brand.

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