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For Kids: Aged 6 Months To 12 Years

Above 12 Years: Adolescents To Seniors

Fat burner

Muscle Mass Gainer

Nutricharge Kids Mango

  • 1 Better physical development
  • 2 Improves muscle mass
  • 3 Boosts immunity
  • 4 Keeps the brain healthy and active
  • 5 Increases energy
  • 7 Strengthens bones


Pack size:

300 g Tin

About Nutricharge Kids Mango

Children are usually picky eaters. Their busy schedules and love for unhealthy foods are some of the factors that can compromise their health. If children's physical & mental development is slow as compared to the standard at their age, there are chances that they might not be getting adequate quantity & quality of nutrients in their diet.

To facilitate normal growth and development, Nutricharge Kids- a clinically proven nutritional drink ensures right nutrition for the growing needs of children.

Unique features


48 essential nutrients


Three types of protein: Soy protein, Whey protein & Milk protein


Contains prebiotic & probiotics


14 vitamins & 13 minerals


10 botanical extracts


Powerful antioxidants


Balanced nutrition


Zero cholesterol & trans fat


Real Mango


100% vegetarian

Who should take Nutricharge Kids Mango



aged 2 years to 12 years

How will it recharge your child

Will help in physical development


Will help improve digestion


Will help boost immunity and increase energy levels


Will keep your child healthy and active


Take charge of your child’s life



Staying hydrated is important to maintain the fluid balance & temperature of the body


Eat healthy

Choose fresh, live, wholesome and water rich food instead of processed, packaged and dead food


Deep slumber

Kids should sleep for 9-11 hours for better mental functionality



Foster an early passion for books



Deep breaths can help calm the kids' mind


Learn & explore

Let the kids explore and learn new skills like music, dance, swimming etc and it also helps channelise their excess energy

How to use Nutricharge Kids Mango


Take 200 ml milk

Take 200 ml milk


Add one scoop (10g) of Nutricharge Kids Mango

Add one scoop (10g) of Nutricharge Kids Mango


Add any seasonal fruit and dry fruits

Add any seasonal fruit and dry fruits


Add sugar as per taste

Add sugar as per taste


Blend well

Blend well


Delicious nutritional drink is ready

Delicious nutritional drink is ready


Suggested use:

Suggested use:

One scoop (10 g) in a glass of milk- twice a day

Ingredient Spotlight


Protein blend: Soy , Whey & Milk protein

  • A blend of three proteins for optimum growth of children.
  • Contains Soy protein isolate- a high quality protein sourced from non GMO soybeans.
  • All three proteins have a PDCAAS score (Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score) of 1, which is the highest score, making it a complete high-quality protein.
  • Provides all essential amino acids required for the growth and development of the child's body.
  • Improves muscle mass and strength.
  • Increases energy.
Click to understand more on proteins

Two essential amino acids

  • Essential amino acid, as the name suggests, is essential as it cannot be made by our body, we must obtain it through diet or supplement.
  • Cereals or grains like rice and wheat lack the essential amino acid- L- lysine, which plays an important role in growth & development, calcium absorption and energy production in children.
  • Legumes like lentils (dals),  chickpeas and peas lack the essential amino acid DL-Methionine, which is important for normal functioning of cells.
  • L-Lysine & DL-Methionine help build muscles.

10 Botanical extracts

  • Enhances Immunity.
  • Provides relief from cold & cough.
  • Increases digestion.
  • Improves absorption of nutrients.
Click to know in detail about each botanical’s role

14 Vitamins

Vitamins are required for normal cell function, growth, and development.

  • K improves bone strength.
  • B complex vitamins & C reduces fatigue.
  • C & D supports Immunity.
  • A, C & E for vision health.
  • Choline, D & B complex vitamins for brain health.

13 Minerals

Minerals have diverse functionalities and are essential constituents of body fluids, tissues, enzyme systems and nerve function.

  • Calcium for strong bones & teeth.
  • Calcium & Magnesium supports muscle function.
  • Zinc, Selenium & Copper for immunity support.
  • Iron for red blood cell (RBC) formation.
  • Zinc for vision health.

Prebiotics & Probiotics

  • Contains two strains of probiotics- Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium, and Fructooligosaccharides as one of the prebiotic fiber.
  • The body consists of good and bad bacteria, probiotics are known as good bacteria that offer numerous health benefits.
  • Prebiotics are a type of fiber that feed the probiotics- the “good bacteria” and promote their growth while discouraging the growth of “bad bacteria”.
  • Probiotic helps maintain gut health by balancing the good & bad bacteria. They help in digestion and improve nutrient absorption.
  • Probiotics are also responsible for regulating the immune system.

Algal DHA

  • Algae is the only plant & vegetarian based source of DHA that is naturally rich in DHA.
  • Contains no heavy metals like mercury, as found in fish & fish oil.
  • Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an important structural component of the cells in the body- mainly found in the human brain and eyes.
  • DHA supports brain & eye development and functional outcomes.

Real Alphonso Mango

  • Rich in Polyphenols- powerful antioxidants.
  • Helps boost the immune system & digestion.

Why do you need Nutricharge Kids Mango


Growth & development

  • A blend of three proteins for optimum growth of children.
  • Two essential amino acids to support growth & development.

Muscle Maintenance

  • Protein blend improves muscle mass & strength.
  • Two essential amino acids help build muscles.
  • Calcium & Magnesium helps with muscle contractions and relaxation.

Bone Health

  • Calcium & Magnesium helps build strong bones and prevent bone loss.
  • Vitamin D maintains normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus, which strengthen bones.
  • Vitamin K & Copper improves bone strength.
  • Boron helps maintain calcium & magnesium levels and prolongs vitamin D availability in the body.

Strong Teeth

  • Calcium & Vitamin D helps build and maintain strong teeth.

Energy Support

  • B complex vitamins & Magnesium helps convert food into energy.
  • Vitamin C helps reduce fatigue.

Strengthens Immunity

  • 10 Botanical extracts help ease cold & cough & fight microbial infection.
  • Probiotics regulates the immune system.
  • Vitamin D, known as sunshine vitamin, particularly found in low amounts in the body during winter because of limited sun exposure. Low levels can increase susceptibility to illnesses, like colds and flu.
  • Vitamin C is a highly effective antioxidant that protects the body’s cells against reactive oxygen species that are generated when the body is fighting off microbes like viruses & bacteria.
  • Zinc  may reduce the duration of cold,  and may reduce the number of upper respiratory infections.
  • Zinc and selenium reduces inflammation.
  • Copper has antimicrobial activity that kills microorganisms in the body.

Gut Health & Digestion

  • 10 Botanical extracts promote the secretion of saliva and gastric juices, thus, increasing the appetite, digestion and absorption of food.
  • Prebiotics & Probiotics maintain gut health and boosts digestion and increase nutrient absorption.

Brain Support

  • DHA, Choline, Vitamin D, Iron, Folic acid, Iodine, Vitamin D & B12 are crucial for brain development.
  • B complex vitamins play an important role in memory building.


  • Vitamins A, C, E & Zinc maintains normal structure & function of the eyes.
  • Vitamin A can help prevent dry eyes.

Formation of Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

RBCs carry oxygen throughout your body. Every part of your body needs oxygen to work properly.

  • B complex vitamins & Iron are involved in making RBCs.
  • Vitamin E is important for the health of the RBCs.

Skin Health

  • Vitamins A, C & E for healthy skin.

Hair Health

  • Biotin, Zinc & Vitamin E stimulates hair growth.
  • Vitamin A moisturizes the hair.
What is the age criterion for consuming Nutricharge Kids Mango?

Children aged 2 years to 12 years

Is Nutricharge Kids Mango safe for consumption?

All the ingredients in Nutricharge Kids Mango are approved by the FSSAI (the food regulatory body of India) and are safe for consumption.

What benefits does Nutricharge Kids Mango offer?

Nutricharge Kids Mango supports mental & physical development, improves muscle mass, boosts immunity, keeps the brain active, enhances energy, maintains gut health and strengthens the bones.

When is the best time to have Nutricharge Kids Mango?

Nutricharge Kids Mango should be consumed twice a day- Morning & Evening.

Why do children need Nutricharge Kids Mango supplement?

Picky eating behavior, excess consumption of junk food and busy schedule are some of the factors that are responsible for poor health. Nutricharge Kids Mango provides all the essential nutrients and supports the nutritional needs of the growing children.

Does Nutricharge Kids Mango have any flavor?

Yes, Nutricharge Kids Mango has a delicious taste of mango as it contains real alphonso mango powder.

Is Nutricharge Kids Mango available in any other taste?

Yes, Nutricharge Kids Mango is also available in Cocoa taste.

Can adolescents consume Nutricharge Kids Mango?

Nutricharge Kids Mango is specifically designed to address the nutritional needs of kids aged between 2 years to 13 years. Since, the nutrient requirement is different of adolescents, we recommend PVMF breakfast. For men: Nutricharge Man & Nutricharge Cocoa Prodiet or Nutricharge Strawberry Prodiet. For women: Nutricharge Woman & Nutricharge Cocoa Prodiet or Nutricharge Strawberry Prodiet.

Are there any quality checks on the supplement?

Yes, before the supplement reaches the consumer, the product undergoes extensive quality check to ensure the product standards are met with.

Is the supplement vegetarian?

Yes, the supplement is 100% vegetarian.

Do I need to consult a pediatrician before giving Nutricharge Kids Mango to my child?

If the child is suffering from a medical condition, it is advised to consult with a physician or pediatrician before consuming the product.

Do Kids need all the 48 nutrients that have been put in Nutricharge Kids Mango?

Yes, due to picky eating behavior, excess consumption of junk food and busy schedule are some of the factors that are responsible for poor health. Nutricharge Kids Mango provides all the essential nutrients and supports the nutritional needs of the growing child.

How is Nutricharge Kids Mango beneficial for strengthening the bones?

Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin D, L-lysine work synergistically to help maintain & strengthen the bone.

How does Nutricharge Kids Mango help build immunity?

Nutricharge Kids Mango contains 10 botanical extracts, 2 probiotics and vitamins & minerals like Vitamins D, C & E, Zinc, selenium & copper that support the immune health by increasing the body’s defense to fight off infections.

Is Vitamin D from a vegetarian source?

Yes, Nutricharge Kids Mango contains Vitamin D from a vegetarian source.

How long should the child consume Nutricharge Kids Mango?

Nutricharge Kids Mango provides all the essential vitamins and minerals; it is advisable to continue taking Nutricharge Kids Mango from age 2 to 12 years to support the growth and development at the fundamental stages of the kid’s life.

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