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Why do we need nutritional supplements?

Nutritional Supplements
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May 07, 2021
Why do we need nutritional supplements?

Our food plates are getting fuller but our bodies are getting sicker. This is because our food is not providing us with the nutrition our body needs in order to be in an optimum state of health. Most of us believe that absence of any known critical illness is wellness. We have accepted issues like stress, eye-strain, fatigue, headache, fat-gain, acidity and the likes to be a part of regular life and a price that we must pay for a luxe-life.

Absence of any disease does not mean a healthy body. If all our body parts perform their respective function effectively, and we feel the flow of energy throughout the day, only then we can claim that our body is in the state of finest health.

  • Most effective way to deliver nutrition to our body

Like the word suggests, these are food supplements. They are not a replacement of your everyday meals but they supplement the nutrition needs/ requirements of your body that are not met by our daily food. They complement our food.

  • We need un-realistic quantity of food to meet the daily requirements

To meet the daily requirements of protein we need to consume 9 glasses of milk or 9 bowls of daal or 250 gms almonds or 2kg rice every day. Where as for iron we need to eat 1 kg spinach daily.

  • Easy to include in your lifestyle

We cannot keep calculating the nutrients from our food throughout the day. Even if we are eating nutritious meals, it is not practically possible to keep a track of the number and quantity of nutrients we have consumed.

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